Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking

Best Ways to Get Free Backlinks

Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking

Everyone knows online marketing is the fastest & easiest way to earn millions of dollars.
But working in online marketing, you’re facing new difficulties, new competitors, new challenges every day.
You need to pay subscription fees to your data services.
You need to spend money on PPC networks for your ad.
And on top of that, you need to pay for backlinks. Here we discuss about how to get free Quality backlinks. Backlinks help in SEO of a website which is very important to rank in google.

Paying for backlinks gets very expensive nowadays. You need to pay $5 to $10 for your every single backlink to SEO agencies.

That may be a good way if you have a budget to leverage—but what if you have more time than money?
You’re lucky!  Many Free Backlinks are right around your corner.
You just need the right tools, creativity and the idea to apply yourself.
This post is very important for you so Bookmark this post and come back here day after day to apply these strategies.

Why Free Backlinks Are Worth Your Time and Effort
In marketing, you need to decide whether to invest time or cash, the way to earn free backlinks. The best way to earn free backlinks is by investing your time.
Even better, the effort you put into getting backlinks helps you receive long-term benefits. Note down these four benefits:
  • Watch and understanding your market. You’ll understand the needs and desires of your target market better through the process of market research and earning backlinks. That knowledge will increase if you decide to run paid traffic or focus purely on SEO.
  • Build a professional network.  Earning free backlinks will grow your network. In business, the best opportunities come through your network which helps you to grow your business. With respect to when you build relationships, you can keep those connections and include/use them for other opportunities.
  • Improved your SEO skills. For online marketing professionals, you always need to sharpen your skills. Doing the work to earn free backlinks will keep you up to date with the current market.
    Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking
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  • Test peoples through Facebook. Put $1,00 into Facebook Ads today, and select the targeted traffic that you want. Peoples are come and go but through this, you can test your products ability to roll out to the market.

Now check down I have some free backlinks for you!

Best Way to Get Free Backlinks:

I provide a list of instant approval sites end of this page you can easily make backlinks through that website easily.

Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking
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1. Ask Your Friends or Contacts for Backlinks
Ask your friends or contacts in the right way. Add some value when asking for a backlink. For example, if your friend loves “PUBG” and your new post about games then you easily ask him for backlinks or to share your post in him social media. Or if you mention Pubg any ware in the post he definitely shares your post in his/her friend zone.

Offer your friend for some treat. For example, you offer your friend if you share my link in your Facebook timeline I will write your assignment. There is an 80% chance to get free backlinks from your friends like this.

Tip: Use your organizational/Institution connections too! Did you graduate from college or university? If Yes! then you can request free backlinks from the organization’s / Institution’s official page.

2. Write Guest Posts
You can either ask a relevant URL on your website for a backlink or offer for a guest post. There are lots of Facebook groups where you can exchange or write a guest post for them with your website link. Here are some groups where you can write guest posts for high DA websites.
Tip: When you write a guest post not write in full details, complete the post as a trailer and then put your website link as “read more...”  or “get the full details here”. This technic is effective to attract peoples to visit your site, without knowing this is a guest post.

3. Write Question Comments on Websites
When you going to create backlinks through a comment, you should always ask some interesting questions about that topic so people are more like to visit you/your website.
For example: If anyone writes about a mobile and you have the same topic.
“Hey dear, your topic <topic name> really very much informative. Do you know MI 5 pro has a special feature which MI hide from us? If you really want to know about it please visit my post same as this topic.
For example: “Your article is prettily interesting. You cover all those things which I’m looking for. I have a similar post <your post url> let me suggest which topic I need to avoided or cover. Thank you”
 You can also make backlinks through this article simply comment in this post with your link.
4. Use Your Social Media Profiles as traffic generator machines
Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking
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  • Use your social media profile: Most social networks let you enter your URL on your profile page. You may put your website URL there so when people visit your profile they want to know about you, they like to visit your best site.
  • Posts and updates: Spared out your post into various social media. We all know nowadays’ people are more like to use social media and everyday activities. So if you share your post many times with tag some of your friends so your post spread out like fire.
  • Social media posts and updates from other people: Watch other peoples post if their post related with your post you just share it as a comment. Do it more with girl’s post because they get more comments than a boy.

5. Spy on your Competitors
Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking
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Spy on your competitors for free backlink ideas. There is much free or paid software, through them, you easily checked from where your domain gets backlinks. So you may also request from that particular site for backlinks or write a guest post for them.

6. Create Content About Your Favourite Software, Consultants and Vendors

  • New software or service launch in the market? If you find any vendor has a new service, they want to promote? If you’ve used it, you can promote it as your review in your article.
  • SEO keywords. Your vendor always trying to rank for a specific set of keywords and this is the opportunities for you, you can use those keywords and rank your website so vendor easily accepts your request for your backlink.
  • Unique selling proposition. When new products come out on the market they offer a lot. You can easily use them in your article and people are more like to come to your site again and again. For example- 30 days’ free trailer or 50% special discount.

Now, you know all about the vendor’s goals, create the content about that product/service and publish it on your website. Once it’s published, ask your vendor for a free backlink, 90% chance to get backlinks from your vendor.

7. Use free Backlinks Generators:
Get Free Backlinks For Google Ranking
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There are lots of sites which provide free backlinks. Here are some of them -
Free Backlinks Generator
This free backlinks generator websites help you to grow your rank in google & don't need to do extra effort.
Now Go and Get Your Free Backlinks
You now have dozens of techniques that will help you to earn your new free backlinks.
These are the evergreen methods that will continue to work year after year. Your mission is to choose one method from this article and put it into action right now and within a week or month, you will see the result.

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